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Blackberry Blossom store is online and taking orders via Etsy storefront.  Come visit!

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Hand Knitted

I make a number of hand knitted items including these fantastic dishclothes, hats and more.

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A very popular item right now are these one of a kind aprons in full, half, adult and child sizes.

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I make a wide variety of banners and other drapable items..  you can purchase my inventory items or request one custom made.

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Custom made 4 you!

I fill cutom orders on the many items show in my store and gallery.. but that doesn’t mean I couln’t do something else if you want it!  Just contact me via email or facebook, tell me what you want and I’ll create an invoice for your order.  Easy peasy.

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What Our Clients Say

Here is some feedback from my clients…

“You know.. Someone was telling me about those aprons…”


“I got me a MAN apron for grill time!”


“Love them dish clothes.. for realz.” And I am not just saying that cause you are my wife. Plus this is the wrong picture of me.”

Fred Arters

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Just say hi or ask me about custom orders!